Coast Guard Auxiliary Association

The Coast Guard Auxiliary Association is a national nonprofit organization established in 1957 to support Coast Guard Auxiliary activities. For over 56 years, the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association has conducted the fiscal and business management responsibilities for the Auxiliary including fundraising, partnerships and donations that enable America’s Volunteer Lifesavers to accomplish their primary mission responsibility: recreational boating safety.

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Today the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary celebrates 78 years of continuous volunteer service on America’s waterways[…]
Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, Commandant of the Coast Guard, spoke at NACON 2016. Watch the video here[…]
A man spent two days stranded on a raft in the Long Island Sound before being rescued Tuesday by a passing boater — an off-duty auxiliary Coast Guard commander, authorities said. “I was in the right place at the right time,’’[…]

Local Volunteers. Local Boaters. Local Successes.



Private vessels, public service

A routine outing aboard a 40-foot recreational boat watching a fireworks display suddenly turned into a tragic mishap. For eight recreational boaters, the courage of Auxiliarists is what allowed them to return home to their families. Read more.


Supporting America's Volunteer Lifesavers

We are the financial anchor for nation-wide recreational boating safely programs. Through storms and rough seas, the Association provides financial stability to the Coast Guard Auxiliary, giving them the support necessary to focus on their outreach programs to local communities, even through the disruptions of recessions, budget cuts, and natural disasters.


We exist to serve, and we serve with pride.

Thank you again for all of the knowledge you and your fellow instructors shared with us. Because of this, we were able to save a life this weekend. –Mary, a Boating Safely student


How you can get involved

Do you know a Coast Guard Auxiliarist, have you taken a boating class or have otherwise been assisted by an Auxiliarist? If yes, then you know how much time and effort these selfess volunteers give on behalf of boating safety and community outreach. Individual Associate Membership is a unique way for you to support the mission of these dedicated volunteers.

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    Vincent T. PicaPresident/CEO

    The Coast Guard Auxiliary Association helps support the civilian volunteers of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary as they conduct their Recreational Boating Safety efforts to educate boaters, enhance their knowledge in safe boat operations, and improve their personal safety as well as others while making the boating experience enjoyable.

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    Mark SimoniDirector

    Established by the Commandant, the Association provides a high level of financial management for the Auxiliary. The Association runs the day to day financial business of the Auxiliary, engages in fund raising through its Board of Directors, and provides numerous products and services to Auxiliarists at reduced prices. All Auxiliarists are members of the Coast Guard Association, and can help keep the Auxiliary on solid financial ground by taking advantage of these goods and services.

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    Stan FeldmanVice President – Financial Affairs

    As a member of the CGAUX, you enjoy aiding the U.S. Coast Guard in their many missions, and you become a more capable boater through participation in many programs available to you as a member of the Coast Guard Family. You can also aid your fellow boaters in times of distress and help educate your fellow boaters to become better boat operators.

Every Day
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